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Fitness Instructor/Soccer Coach Eduardo Balderas » Eduardo Balderas

Eduardo Balderas

Chicago Conservatory of Music, ASEP, NFHS, IYSA, USSF, and Coaching Certification. 


I have been teaching physical education class for ten years with UCSN (now ACERO), coaching and mentoring youth soccer to boys and girls for eighteen years (Elementary and High School students). I obtained my soccer coach license through the IYSA and the USSF. Founded the BITTY (Pee Wee) soccer program for students K-5th grade in the UCSN network and also founded the UNO Selects soccer program for girls to play in competitive traveling soccer. I studied recording studio engineer in the Chicago Conservatory of Music and have been teaching music, P.E., and coaching sports at CASAS and TAMAYO for almost eleven years now. Because of my passion for music, I also founded the Tamayo and Casas Rock Band program with the purpose of inspiring and giving our young musicians a platform to develop their skills as performers. The reason I love to teach at CASAS and Tamayo is because I want to inspire, motivate, challenge, and guide our youth to become the best that they can be in the areas of personal fitness, sports, nutrition, and music. I strongly believe that every student can learn and be successful with the help, support, and guidance of their teachers, family, and community. On the personal side, I am very passionate about music and enjoy playing the guitar, playing soccer, and listening to music. I like to travel and enjoy eating Mexican cuisine.