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Acero - Rufino Tamayo

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Principal's Message

Matthew Katz, Tamayo Principal
Welcome to Rufino Tamayo, a school that serves the whole child. Our goal is for every Tamayo Tiger to become a civic citizen, a community leader, and on track for college and career readiness by the time they graduate from 8th grade. To accomplish this goal, we give each student the following experience:
1. A welcoming, community environment that regularly brings parents into the building for input, education and celebrations.
2. Top quality instruction in core subjects every day. Our students achieve well above the national average in reading and math by 8th grade.
3. Progressive, innovative education in science, Spanish, technology and social studies. Our graduates are bilingual, they can write code and they know how to think critically in all content areas.
4. Health education in fitness and nutrition, and at least 30 minutes of physically active time every day, as well as five sports for students to choose from.
5. An arts education that includes visual arts and music every week, as well as opportunities for dance, theater and instrument lessons.
6. An individualized approach. We are a small school that knows its students strengths and weaknesses. No students "slip through the cracks" at Tamayo; we push and support all to reach individual goals.
Please reach out to Principal Katz to learn more about opportunities to enroll in or partner with Rufino Tamayo!