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Laura Ortiz » Laura Ortiz

Laura Ortiz

B.A. Bilingual Education, Northeastern Illinois University.


Laura Ortiz is very excited to begin her second year at Rufino Tamayo as the Bilingual teacher. She has realized that teaching to the little kids is her passion. Ms. Ortiz is glad she returned to college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education after being out of school for several years.


Now Ms. Ortiz is happily managing two full-time jobs: teaching kindergarten and 1st grade along with full-time mom of two handsome boys. She is passionate about helping children learn their second language and helping them realize that all the background knowledge that they bring with them is an asset to their future. In her spare time, Ms. Ortiz loves to spend time with her parents and siblings. She comes from a big family: she has six sisters and one brother.