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Mr. Matthew Katz » Matthew Katz, Tamayo Principal

Matthew Katz, Tamayo Principal

B.A. English, Amherst College
M.A. Public Policy with a focus on education, University of Chicago
Matthew Katz realized his passion for education after leaving the profession to become a writer. He found that he missed the classroom and his students. “I re-entered the educational realm at age 25 and have never looked back,” he said. After becoming a new teacher mentor and trainer for Chicago Public Schools, Mr. Katz joined Tamayo. “I saw the way these schools were changing lives, and I wanted to be a part of it.” As a competitive runner and band musician himself, Mr. Katz appreciates the value of a well-rounded education. “In addition to top-notch instruction, more than half of our Tamayo staff lead volunteer after-school activities or summer camps,” he stated. “Our students, in turn, develop hunger for learning classroom material while pursuing excellence in activities ranging from classical guitar to chess.” Mr. Katz looks forward to another year of social, emotional and academic engagement at Tamayo.